Customer Letters and Product Testimonials

As some of you may already know, this is our second time getting Beefy his own supply of CBD oil. Our first go round with a three gram supply brought about spectacular results; Beefy's cutaneous mastocytoma lessened by almost half its original size and also demonstrated a decrease in the abnormally concentrated skin pigmentation. There has also been a noticeable lack of general CM reactivity since CBD therapy, a clear sign of induced mast cell stability.
Beefy's mast cell inflammation reaches into the depths of his little body, irritating both the brain and gut, resulting in behavioral and elimination problems in addition to a wide range of immune system irregularities. Unfortunately, a salicylate limited diet coupled with nutritional supplementation has not been enough to keep sweet Beef's mood stable. He suffers frequent tantrums, complete melt downs, and general inability to enjoy life's experiences. These problems are admittedly not new to us but they were blissfully absent while utilizing CBD. It is with great humility and hope that we are reaching out for support in securing more CBD treatments for Beefy. It has become painfully apparent that without a daily intake of CBD, Beefy lacks basic biological functionality. One day, I do believe this need can change but today is not that day. Today, we need more CBD.
North Bloomfield OH
Update:  "Just wanted to tell you that Beefy's mastocytoma is almost gone. He has also been a peach lately. I'll send some comparison photos soon! I almost cried today when I checked him out. He looks great!"

Ah yes, PainBomb. Living in Moab had opened my eyes to a brand new world full of spectacular things. Most of said things could only be carried away through memory, but PainBomb has been one of the few things I found there that I can take in through all of my senses, and it has truly changed my life. Any ailment, big or small, calls for it, whether it be for myself, my cats, my dogs, my 3-month-old daughter or anyone to whom I can rave about it. To always have a jar handy is certainly necessary!
This miracle concoction is completely natural and has served more purposes than I have ever in my life seen before from a single product. With every headache, backache, foot ache, toothache, head cold, etc., you can depend on the fact that I will be calling out, "Dang it, who took my PainBomb??" Everybody who knows of its benefits wants their own jar. If you try this product and introduce it to your family and friends, beware! Either hide it away until you are asked for its use or make sure everyone has their own jar, Ha, because it will be swiped.
I have an ocular condition that has always caused me to have some pretty nasty and rather frequent headaches. Before PainBomb, I was filling my system with what I now see as harmful agents (ibuprofen, Excedrin, Acetaminophen and so on) Often, these drugs didn't even work to handle the headache and sometimes even left me feeling unwell. With pills, I would have to wait, suffering with the headache until the drugs kicked in. I don't use pills to fight headaches anymore; I use Painbomb, and these days, instantly, the headache practically vanishes the moment I apply Painbomb to my temples.
My daughter had a problem with colic in the first few months in life, and nothing was working to help calm the pain. I tried eating differently, tried some organic baby remedies, but everything I tried either did not work or was not lasting. Then, Karen, a dear friend who is responsible for getting me hooked to this product, suggested I use PainBomb on baby's feet, in a specific region, linked to such abdominal pain caused by colic and the like. My daughter LOVES her foot rubs, and every time she gets a Painbomb rub, watching a relaxed expression wash over her face after the torment of colic, is enough to light up my entire world. The ingredients in this product are so natural and pure and beneficial, that I trust the use of it on anyone and anything.
With every sinus trouble, ache, pain, or mere discomfort my little girl comes up against, if it can be treated at home, you can expect me to whip out the Painbomb. My family knows and loves it, my friends have definitely been informed and introduced, my ex-boyfriend remembers me fondly for Painbomb back rubs for which he always begged, and I depend on it. If I gave detailed testimonials of everything that this product has given me, it would require me to write a novel. I have even used the stuff on a newborn kitten and witnessed positive results from said instance. So, keep ready for me a packaged jar of the stuff, Karen, because I'll be buying again soon! Hands down, one of the best products to which I have ever been introduced.
Kaliaunna ~ Denver CO

My son has benefited greatly from the 43.5% CBD oil treatment. He has been through so much in his short life from a seizure to multiple sleep studies where EEG’s were conducted, MRI’s, psychological services, multiple therapies, diagnoses of Autism Spectrum, learning delays, and sensory integration were found, and an IEP put in place at his school for his needs. He was put on Abilify at just 4 years old. I took him off of it because of the side effects (to include emotional breakdowns in between periods of non-emotion). We talked to many doctors, but they wanted to try certain therapies or pills that he either already tried, or we weren’t willing to test him on. My husband and are both disabled vets and have had doctors just push drugs on us and we weren’t about to let some doctors keep experimenting with prescription drugs on our now 6-year-old son. He had been through multiple doctors and endocrinologists since he turned 1. We did our own outside research desperate to find information on anything that could tell us what was going on with our son and what could help him. We knew that his seizure was a result of a hepatitis B vaccine he received at 1-year-old. I found that many parents who grew desperate like I did and took it upon themselves to find answers, found that CBD oil was the treatment with the most positive results. Knowing there was a stigma on CBD oil, I really didn’t care, I wanted to help my son. He would have daily fits that were unbearable and he was constantly hurting his brother. We even talked about sending his brother to live with my mother for a while for his own safety (an option that would break my heart if it ever came to it). But I wouldn’t use drugs to dope my son up because on drugs, he wasn’t my son; just a shell of my son. When I tried CBD oil for the first week, it was night and day. My son had been able to start expressing himself with his words other than having fits. He also stopped fighting, hitting, and biting his brother and other kids and adults. He still has his moments, but it has made life for our family much improved. I still see doctors that meet me with resistance and try to tell me that what I am doing is wrong and even illegal (even though it isn’t). But I have talked to other EEG doctors and nurses who have done studies on CBD and they say that the results are nothing short of a miracle. They also told me CBD wouldn’t ever be accepted because doctors profit too much on prescription drugs to even try and implement CBD oil into their practice as an option. I was shocked by this. All I know is that as a mother, I feel like I am doing what is best for my son and for my family. If they ever make CBD oil illegal in my state, we will most definitely move to a state where it is accepted and where my son can get the treatment he deserves. If you are a struggling family and you feel that CBD might be an option for you, I encourage you to try it. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I truly wish the best for you and your families.  
Respectfully, A more than satisfied family
Hubert, NC

March 09, 2016
Hi Karen,
So glad your LinkedIn endorsement came today and it reminded me to be in touch with you.  You may or may not know my husband had 2 huge life changing surgeries last year.  The first one put him in stage 4 heart failure and he nearly died. The 2nd was an LVad implant, and though it gave us breathing room it's not something he can live health-fully with for long, as there are pharmaceuticals involved.
I know that cannabis oil can help him along with stem cells. Most people leave the country to get stem cells as of course why would the powers that be want us to have access to healing without pharmaceuticals involved???
With all that said, I want him to have the best cannabis available.  Can you help?
Hope all's well in your world.
Nancy B
May 06, 2016
Just wanted to give you an update.  Dick is getting better every day.  His heart is working like a normal heart which is extremely rare for people with LVads.  His blood pressure is normal, even low to normal (which the crazy docs prefer). And gratefully, even the serious neuropathy in his feet and legs is greatly diminished. (this was a result of the 2nd surgery/Lvad implant last Sept. which did save his life but also cut/damaged a few nerves!)
He's been using the PainBomb+CBD for months on his feet and the addition of the CBD really made the difference!
We will be seeing our integrative cardiologist next week and hope to find out his ejection fraction.  It was about 17 before the LVad surgery surgery (Yes Really!) and a couple months ago up to 30 but that was prior to CBD oil.
I have told many folks about you and sharing the cards you sent. I hope you're hearing from some of them.  Wallace is a man who works at a local natural food shop and was extremely interested in contacting you.
I've given out most of the cards you sent so when I order again (soon) please send a few more.
Thanks for your great formulas and all the great research you provide!
So grateful our paths crossed!  And thank you again, no way would my guy be alive if not for you and your product.  Big hugs and love to you my sweet native sister!
Nancy, Encinitas CA
September 26, 2016
Hi Karen,
Would like to place another order of the last dose you sent us.  He's doing so much better...even the mainstream people are kind of blown away at his recent improvement! Don't know if you know much about LVad but the people who have them have no pulse or blood pressure, and are forced to take rat poisin (warfarin). Dick's cardio rehab guy was very happily surprised to get a very strong pulse on his wrist this morning and a perfect blood pressure which LVad people almost never have....instead they test on a doppler machine which only gives the systolic (top #).  So grateful I connected with you those years ago on Linkedin and was there another connection too?
September 27, 2016
The 77% is working beautifully!!....he had an echo cardiogram 2 weeks ago and the Dr couldn't believe how strong Dick's heart was working.  His ejection fraction is still at 35% but I'm convinced that's due to the machine in him.  Please put blessings on that coming out sooner than later.
Bless you for your beautiful healing herb.
Big love to you Karen.

Hi Karen,
I found that CBD works well for spondylitis which is in the rheumatoid family. I don't have the worst form which is ankylosing spondylitis. This form can fuse joints and may need more aggressive treatment. I have the undifferentiated form which just hurts many places. I was having pain in my hip that sometimes flared to lots of pain. CBD worked overnight and has kept the pain away for at least a month. I haven't had a flare up since I've been taking it. I was having a terrible time trying to get in to see a rheumatologist. Appointments are 6 months or more away and I had to quit taking the NSAID that was previously effective. I'm sure CBD is less harmful to the body. So far I'm really happy with it.
Jemez NM

Letter from the Director of Physical Therapy, Pain Evaluation & Management Center of Ohio
  Your formula is really effective. I have personally utilized the PainBomb several times now on myself on acute injuries. I play a lot of sports and train regularly. After playing basketball this last weekend against some high schoolers, I tweaked my back (thinking I am 18 again, haha). I applied the PainBomb right after playing, as the pain and tightness was escalating (a couple times before bed) and the next morning I was 60-70% better, w/o the PainBomb I believe it would have been much worse because I did the same thing 3 months prior to this (w/o the painbomb) and it took about a 4-5 days before recovery was evident.
  I am a big sports nut and watching the final 4 this last weekend I could see your product facilitating healing quicker for athletes. Much quicker. There’s nothing like it on the market and I am sure you are aware of this. There is a company that I have used over the years that uses pure organic essential oils called mobil-flex. Very similar feel as yours, seemed to help some patients but most it did not. The main key I see to your formula is the DMSO.  When you can carry those anti-inflammatory oils deep into the tissue and reduce cellular inflammation you create an environment and a matrix of healing. The DMSO allows the nutrients in the essential oils to enter the blood stream, and then becomes a highly effective formulation, systemically.
  The challenge I see is the pricing for further mass distribution, but I realize the materials used are very expensive. Although the public (patients, customers) unfortunately don’t value that,  they will just move towards a product over the counter for 5-10 dollars that has menthol in it and gives them 1-2 hrs of analgesic relief, basically tricking the mind, as they don’t realize the toxicity issues and chemicals in the other products. I know you're aware of this. Yours is different, as yours gives relief not from so much an analgesic effect with menthol and tricking the mind, but from the healing oils and their active constitutes, as well the DMSO carrying it to deep inflamed tissue.
  I have been a therapist for almost 25 years and have not seen anything work this well as I am sure you have heard from others.
  I would love to align myself with your company/product in any capacity. Do you have investors or ever sought out that path? Although maybe you don’t want to mass market, like a Biofreeze?
CLINICAL FEEDBACK:  Improved efficacy when utilized within a ½ to 1 hr after 1st application. The first application may help by 5-20%, but after the 2nd usage within an hour, usually the outcomes improve by 50% or more for acute and chronic conditions.

Dear PainBomb:
Well after trying countless pain relief salves, balms, creams etc I have become a bit of an expert
on what actually works. Your balm should be called "Mother Earth's Mother Lode" for soothing
pain relief.  After just a couple of days I am noticing less stiffness, atrophy in my hip and knee joint
and have been able to get up in the mornings without the excruciating shooting pain up my back and down
my legs.  I was seriously injured in 2010 after caring for my elderly mother and haven't been able to get
much relief.  I am refusing "Cyborg" (joint replacement) surgery and going the organic pathway, since
I am a healer and refuse to use big pharma methods.  I wanted to share my experience for others who
are, I am sure, as frustrated as I was and tell them to try this product.  The ingredients are loaded with
inflammation/pain reducers.  Mother earth knows what she is doing. Its up to us to figure it out.  You have
figured it out, and the addition of the CBD oil is making it even more powerful for those with old injurys
which have the deep Fibrin tissues maintaining so much severe pain.  This really gets deep down into the
muscles, nerves and feels so good.  I can't thank you enough PainBomb.         
Ocala FL

My personal experience with CBD began with a skeptical outlook. But, within a couple of weeks of using the products I began to see positive results. These results came from the use of orally ingested CBD paste and the use of PainBomb+CBD.
There has been a significant reduction of pain and inflammation throughout my body. However, the most dramatic results have come from using PainBomb on my left wrist and thumb. These areas were extremely painful from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. PainBomb has significantly reduced the inflammation and pain in these areas.
Prior to Pain Bomb I needed to wear a brace on my left hand and wrist to drive a car or engage in other tasks requiring the prolonged use of my hands. The use of this device has been significantly reduced since I have started using this product. I can now accomplish many tasks without the use any type of brace.
Ron R.
Jemez Springs NM

Hi Karen,
Thanks for asking about the family. I am proud of you for standing up to FDA. Keep up the fight and thank you x 1,000,000 for providing us with the most effective, most affordable pain relief out there. I was scheduled to have a tier 2 fusion 6-5, 6-6 a while back but your product works so well I canceled and glad I did. My neck feels much better now and I plan to work 4-5 more years thanks to you and your staff.
Best wishes,
Kim B.
Anchorage AK

My Mom is hooked (on PainBomb). She has had a problem most of her adult life with severe leg cramps in the middle of the night while sleeping. She has huge varicose veins just like her mother. I'm not sure if that is a contributing factor but suspect it is.
Anyway, I sent her PainBomb for her shoulder after my PT used on me after I tore my meniscus. She got the wild idea about 5 months ago to put PainBomb on bottom her feet before bed instead of the 500 other remedies she has tried in her life (she's 80 now).  She has not had a leg cramp since.
So, I'm shipping this one to my BFF in Dallas who is recovering from a terrible fall resulting in a broken ankle in 3 places. She just had pins and screws removed and it recovering but has a lot of atrophy of her knee and leg from all the pain of the ankle and being off of it while they installed pins and screws, held for bones to heal/reconnect, and then most recently, had the pins and screws removed primarily because her ankle looked and felt like Frankenstein. If she likes it, I'm sure she will tell her PT and maybe get you an additional customer.
Greenville OH

This balm is the BOMB! It completely cured my chronic rotator cuff injury pain. After living with constant pain for 5 years, 2 jars of PainBomb pain. Once in awhile, a small twinge of pain if I'm using my arm a lot. But my life has really changed by using this product!
Martinez CA

Karen, I just Love Pain Bomb!
I have to tell you there were days I wanted to scream from pain (upper left trapezius/thoracic nerve spine) and I have mild bursitis in my shoulders!
Oh my MRI from almost two years ago also indicated there were small nodules (perhaps pressing on nerve)? Ouch!
This is the best: the scent and results are amazing!
Wish I had candles, hand soap or other topical lotions of the same scent!
I have a dear friend like family in Rio Rancho in Albuquerque (who is an Aesthetician), and I strongly encouraged her to consider Pain Bomb!
Since I have sold services and products all my life for companies (until leaving in 2016) to finally pursue my own business Instructing Yoga, I wish there was a possibility of collaborating with you to rep PainBomb in the state of Florida?
Jean M
Ellenton FL

Thank you for the fabulous products. They are making a big difference in my quality of life. I have daily chronic migraines and fibromyalgia as well. I am finally getting some relief thanks to your ointment. I also love the mouthwash!
Please send a pdf of your brochure. I am a loyal customer from here forward.
Yours truly,

Thanks Karen, and I'm glad you're pushing back (against pharma and the FDA)!  It is heartening to see small businesses like yours standing up for what is right!  Thanks for making such a great product!  It really helps me get thru the day sometimes when my lower back and sciatica just don't want to behave...
Best regards,
Los Alamos NM

Hi Karen, I just went to my 6mo cancer check up and wanted you to see a test result from it.  The test is called a CA 27-29 and the normal range levels are 0.0-38.6. I had surgery in April 2014 so the first result is from Oct 2014. The next one is the lowest and it was done the following year on the day I finished my year long every 3wk infusion of Herceptin. Then it started to climb back up and even got higher than it was the first time. I'm not sure how long I've used the Painbomb+CBD but it's been within the last 6mo check up.  Look what happened!  My doctor saw it had dropped 13pts and kept saying wow, this is really good. I didn't tell him about using the CBD but if the level drops even lower on my next 6mo visit, I will tell him because he won't be able to say it was just luck.
Vickie B.
Fort Scott KS

Good day Karen
I hope the day finds you well....and able to keep making this product.
I received your product yesterday and used it for the first time before my exercise class. Last June I had a radical thyroidectomy and do to the surgery and follow up radiation there was a lot of scar tissue. I have been doing a lot of therapy, massage, chiropractic, cold lasers and other treatments to lessen the pain and give me more range of motion.
Last night while the pain wasn't entirely gone it did enable me to finally do all the things I fluid before surgery.
I will be ordering the balm with the CBD when funds become available.
I will recommend your product to everyone I know as it truly does work (and smells nice).
Thank you again.
Indianapolis IN

My sister Alexandra is hooked on your PainBomb.  I hate it when people suffer from chronic pain so I pass your website info out to many people!  Thank you for being apart of my daily life! I will be placing another order shortly :-)
Stacey M.
Mackinaw City MI

Thank you so so much for what you do, who you are and what you have created.
My mother just sent me the most amazing set of emails. Basically, after using the balm on her hands and hip (she has DDD and has limped and suffered through pain all her life, not liking to take pain killers.)  She said, "Ever since I started using the bomb I have not had pain and I have slept through the night without waking up because of discomfort"... Her hands were deeply affected, "I just put on a ring I have not been able to wear for 10 years or more."  "My fingers are  dimpling and wrinkling where the swelling used to be..."
Thank you Karen!!!
"The wrinkled sun damaged areas improved. I am taking photos daily. I think the balm is moisturizing and it looks like it's diminishing dark spots, but I need more data collection on spots."
Alan G.
Phoenix AZ

Hi Karen,
The CDB PainBomb has been very helpful for my cervical facet joint arthritis, when nothing else really helps, once I started using it per the directions. It also seems to repel deep woods mosquitos, I noticed over the weekend.  Still checking that out but had no bites at all for 3 days, because I had painbomb on my neck.
Joe P.
Gainesville FL

Hi Karen,
Last time I ordered (and tried for the first time) your Pain Bomb ointment, you said I’d order the large one next time.... LOL you’re right!
Love your product, and I tell anyone who will listen.
Have a great day,
Bob ~ Prairie Village KS

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I just received my jar of Pain Bomb with CBD. My left knee has been in bad shape since 2012. I've put two applications on the knee and surrounding muscles and the pain is significantly numbed. Thank you for the wonderful product (and amazingly fast shipment)!!!!
Jodie ~ Chicago, IL

I started using PainBomb when before a 25 mile hike I sprained my ankle and was afraid it would bother me.  After using PainBomb my sprained ankle felt better than my other one, so now I use it before every long hike.
Kent ~ Vallecito Lake, CO

I use PainBomb for my leg & back.  My sister told me about this. Her daughter has fibromyalgia and is in pain a lot. She told me it really works. I had back surgery and used it as I mended. I LOVE it. It is THE ONLY pain rub that works. Thank you for it.
Margo ~ Bloomfield, NM

I love to walk daily 5 to 10 miles. Lately I had a lot of pain above my right arch and thought I may have a stress fracture. NEGATIVE! Thanks to painbomb which was recommended by a friend in Canada I could resume my walking almost pain free. I apply it once at night and once just before I walk. I love it
Ingrid ~ Meridian, ID

I use PainBomb daily on a knee that needs a partial replacement. I'm truly happy with this product. I purchase my PainBomb at Sunshine Natural Foods in Wichita Falls, TX.
Mike P. ~ Wichita Falls, TX

Have lightly used the Pain Bomb on some areas that became stressed after doing some imbalanced physical work and it seems to work well. And I adore the scent, what a combination!
All blessings,
L. Forest ~ Sherwood, OR

I have used Pain Bomb for several years now.
It has been VERY HELPFUL in softening my scar tissue. :)
My biggest problem is the non-natural mesh they put in that attaches to everything, hideous polypropylene.
I also enjoy the Cinnamon flavored mouth Wash. It is an Excellent Product.
Mark ~ Tempe, AZ
Update:  Mark had the mesh removed & is recovering nicely with PainBomb.

"I suffer from arthritis in my left hand, particularly the thumb. I have tried chiropractic which helped somewhat but PainBomb has made a big difference. I rub it on several times a day and my level of discomfort has been greatly diminished. I am able to have a much better range of motion! Thanks, PainBomb! I recommend it to my friends!"
Ruth ~ Jemez Springs, NM

I love Pain Bomb. It has fixed my back. I have no more pain. Thank you Karen.
Milinda ~ Las Vegas, NV

In 2003 I had my knee rebuilt after a bad ski-racing wreck.  After a painful two-year recovery, I was able to ski again as well as do various outdoor activities.  During this period I had extreme pain in my knee but it was manageable with medication.  I first started using PainBomb the winter of 2008, & since that time I haven't used any pain medication.  I rarely use it on my knee anymore but this stuff really works!  I use it every day for something.  PainBomb has enhanced my life in the following ways:
1.  Dissolved a painful corn in the ball of my foot (1 month)
2.  Relieved pain in my shoulders from tearing both rotator cuffs (immediately)
3.  Relaxed stressed muscles in neck, back & shoulders (immediately).
4.  Alleviated several headaches within minutes.
5.  Comforted my aching feet more times than I can count, I highly recommend it for anyone who spends a great deal of time on their feet, it works immediately.
David ~ Jemez Springs, NM

I've been using PainBomb for the last couple of months for my diabetic neuropathy, which can be very painful at times.  Painbomb really helps & I think that it's doing some good.
Tyrone ~ Moab, UT

I'm an active young adult who rides his bicycle literally everywhere! At the end of the day and miles later, my legs feel like jelly. My hamstrings, inner/upper thighs, calves and glutes feel the burn, so to speak. Biking, my primary mode of transportation, is contemplated in the mornings if I am sore.  The catalyst? PainBomb. Having the energy to bounce back onto the seat without the strain is what I look forward to. Along with a consistent healthy diet, copious amounts of water, multi-vitamins and amino acids, PainBomb is a convenient topical remedy for sore areas to complete my everyday "ritual" workout. I also work on computers, meaning that sometimes I will slouch over a desk for hours at a time, leaving my neck and lower back in agony.  I've felt at times "I'm too young for back problems", however, after massaging with PainBomb, the pain will dissipate in mere minutes expanding outward as it's absorbed. I also entertain myself massaging my feet (believing in Reflexology) to feel the raw healing potential of all things organic and natural in PainBomb, beneficial to my entire biological being.    
Khris ~ Moab, UT                                                                                    

In a misguided attempt to clean the ear of my cat, (a very grouchy 14-year-old) she turned her head and clamped her fierce jaws down on my right hand in a "death grip".  I literally had to pry her teeth apart with my left hand, and when I finally got her fangs out of my right hand, blood was squirting all over the kitchen.  I immediately put my hand under the faucet and rinsed it off, wrapped it in a towel and grabbed the Geranium oil (to stop the bleeding).  The bleeding stopped within about 30 seconds and I was able to get a look at it.  It was already turning blue and within minutes a big ball swelled up off my hand about 1/2 an inch.  The cat had obviously bitten through a vein, causing extensive bruising. The hand healed nicely in a little over a week, there was never even a hint of infection and now there's not even a trace of a scar.  
Also, although I haven't had leg or foot cramps since I was a child, I had a cramp in my arch & lower calf that was so painful I couldn't stand or walk on it.  Within 45 seconds of applying PainBomb, the cramp was gone & it felt as if it had never existed.  Haven't had it happen since.  ~  Like anyone, I have my share of bumps & bruises, most of them quite mild, but unsightly, nonetheless.  I have found that with the application of PainBomb, these bruises are gone much faster than if left untreated. 
Karen  ~ Austin, TX

Hi Karen.  I suffer from sciatic pain resulting from significant stenosis in the lumbar region that has been worsening with time.  Add to that a recently herniated disc at L5-S-1.  I'm not quite 56 and normally very active.  I have had pain blocks, and almost 2 weeks ago underwent a MILD procedure.  This was supposed to address some of the issues from stenosis.  It helped, but I still have pain all the way down my leg, ankle, & top of my foot.  I can get mild relief w/massage & ice.  I go back to the doc in a couple of days for follow up & am hoping the nerve damage is not permanent.
I came across reference to your site & product while searching for information about my symptoms.

Whether it’s the Painbomb alone, or that along with all the massaging involved as well as the passage of time……I don’t know, but I have noticed some improvements in the last 2-3 days.  While still not “great” I noticed improvement when I woke up this past Friday 11/22 and realized I had only been awakened once during the night from pain and had actually slept for several hours!  I’m at the bottom of the jar and am about to reorder!
BTW, I rubbed the reflex area of my heel so hard the first day that it was sore for a couple of days.  However, I did feel the knots you described and have been rubbing it a couple of times a day since, although with a little less vigor!
I just got it, yea!  Thank you.  Got the little jar to let my mom try for arthritis!
~ Anita, Birmingham AL
I can relate to part of your story, I had sciatica for 2 years after stepping in a grass covered hole and wrenching my back terribly.  Fortunately, I ran across an easy reflexology technique that brought me relief within 30 minutes.  After 2 weeks of self-treatment, the pain was completely gone and never returned.  I actually took a karate class after that and did quite well.  Try it and let me know if it works for you, I've had good feedback on it so I hope it helps you.  Go to the Reflexology page, and try the technique for Sciatica. You can also use this technique for regular back pain caused by overexertion, etc., and a good chiropractor can be worth their weight in gold, as can a good acupuncturist.

Tell your Mom to use as much as she wants, it's not limited, unlike Icy Hot or Aspercreme. More in the beginning means less later.

~ Karen @ PainBomb

With the excruciating pain of RSD, also known as CRPS, I don't know what I'd do without the relief I get from Pain Bomb. CRPS causes pain that is as severe as cancer, yet PainBomb can relieve my pain completely when it's at a seven or below.
PainBomb is a fantastic product with no downsides to it other than the brown of the beeswax ingredient. However, the wax and brown color wash out easily enough.  (The color is the beeswax, arnica and yucca, which wash out easily.)
Furthermore, Karen is a very caring person who will go out of her way to make sure that you get the PainBomb extremely quickly so that we don't have to endure our pain any longer than absolutely necessary.
Give it a try - you'll be amazed!
All the Best,

This is for my mom. My mother was hit by a car while crossing the street in 2008. She suffered injury in every limb and he pelvis. It is a miracle that she survived and is walking. But not without chronic daily pain. She was starting to take pain pills like candy so we tried many other alternatives to curb her pill intake. We finally tried pain bomb. Her swelling is down, her pain is better managed and she is much happier. Love that you can use as little or as much as you want. Thank goodness for painbomb!
Lupe ~ Hollister, CA

For several years I have had a pinched nerve on the top of my left foot. It would even wake me up at night and nothing seemed to help. PainBomb to the rescue! I will apply it twice, about 15 minutes apart, and the pain disappears for at least 4-5 hours. I have experienced a good deal of healing and I am sure it is due to the therapeutic ingredients in the Pain Bomb. Now I use it for any little thing that comes along. I have given several jars to friends and they are having equally good results. I was developing arthritis in my hands and each little finger was becoming painful and crooked. Now the pain is totally gone and the swelling and inflammation have been reduced to the point that the fingers look normal. Wonderful stuff!
Kathy R. ~ Moab, UT

I've been using PAINBOMB for a couple years now and it helps both my wife and myself for our arthritis pain. Last week I had the beginnings of a toothache and I called PainBomb to ask if I could use PAINBOMB for the toothache. I was told I could and lo and behold I used it for a few days and whatever was going on under my tooth cleared up and I got through the infection with little or no pain. Thank you painbomb. Also helps mosquito bite discomfort. An amazing discovery.
Bart S. ~ Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I highly recommend PainBomb. It relieved my sciatic pain in minutes after two months of futilely taking nearly 500 pills of ibuprofen, vicodin and muscle relaxers.                                                                                                        
Mel ~ Portland, OR

I suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis.  I use the painbomb on my neck and back whenever the pain gets awful. After about 20 minutes, I notice that the pain is less.
Susan ~ Arlington, TX

I reach for Pain Bomb every time I have discomfort of any type and find it works on most things, from tennis elbow, fire ant and mosquito bites, to burns, sprains and athletes foot.
Darrel B. ~ Austin, TX

I am a construction worker, home builder, and finish carpenter. When I found PainBomb my body hurt from all the years of having a physical job. Using PainBomb on my hands, feet, lower back, knees -  basically the whole body, I found tremendous relief in joint pain, lower back pain and foot, ankle and knee pain! Works great on headaches, rub into brain stem and temples, forehead anywhere you have pain! I love the fact it's all natural and will be a life long customer! Works for sinus problems, allergies, and stuffy nose. The aroma of Pain Bomb is great, it's real aroma therapy, I highly recommend this product!
Chuck ~ Delta, CO

Tried it from a friend, it gives immediate relief for pain from eczema. You do have to be careful and not get in your eyes!
Cary ~ Austin, TX

I have sciatica pain, at times for weeks at a time. The relief that PainBomb gives me is much appreciated. My chiropractor is the one who introduced me to this amazing product. I order it for my sisters who do not use the computer, and we all agree that it had helped us. Believe it or not, last week my hand was very swollen, itching like mad from a spider bite. PainBomb stopped the itching, and swelling was much better next morning. My sister gets relief from her restless leg syndrome.
Mary Ann ~ Talking Rock, GA

You might remember me, I told you some time ago my wife is from Cebu, Philippines. Last year we introduced PainBomb to her mother who suffers from arthritis, other aches and pains. She is amazed at it`s effectiveness (as I am) and are all very thankful  and grateful to receive it from us. We know Mama shares it with her family and friends and I think the word is spreading about this product in that area. Not sure if their will ever be a big market for you there because most of those people could never afford it but my wife and I plan on taking advantage of your bulk purchase savings in the future. I was rear ended at work in large Ottawa trucks not once but twice. I had all the bad whiplash symptoms and still have a few but I do not know what I would do without PainBomb. It prevents the muscles from inflaming and tensing up which really cuts down on the aches and  pain I still have.
The Filipino culture is much about sharing as you probably are aware of. I know Mama shares her PainBomb with relatives and neighbors so we could never send enough. Your last email to me you offered me a discount to help more people there and I appreciate that but not necessary. Even if we sent a whole pallet of PainBomb there it would be not be enough so I think we will just try to help Mama, the family, and a few close friends. Thanks again for creating this wonderful product. The family asked me to tell you......Salamat !!  (thank you in their native language). I just ordered four more jars and thanks again for the buy one-get one free discount. We plan on taking advantage of the bulk discount on our next order and I plan on giving some away as gifts in the future. Thank you so much and we hope that you and your loved ones are well.
I read the whole story you provided about your Mom and how PainBomb came to be....pretty amazing. My wife and hope to do some stateside touring next year and if we pass by your area would love to meet you. I just thought I would also mention that I converted to healthier diet/holistic medicines a couple of years ago ( i am age 56) and I am at least 5X healthier than I was. PainBomb is definitely the best complete external product for me and i have tried dozens of them. Thanks again for making it available to those of us who really need it and I/we will be spreading the word around.
Of course you can post my email on your website.
God Bless,
Kim and Evangeline and... the Family
Update:  April 20, 2014
Hello Karen,
 I am doing fine, thank you and hope you are well. I introduced PainBomb to my co-workers and the ones that have tried it were happy with the results and spreading the word. Thanks for offering a discount for referrals but not necessary for me. I get satisfaction enough just by hearing about the good results by them using your product. I have not tried the Cannabidiol brand yet but plan to try that one next time I order.
 I have been able to calm the whiplash symptoms I have...enough to keep working thanks to PainBomb. I even have enough pain relief so I was able to put off cervical surgery I was scheduled for this spring. I told my chiropractor (Loran Morgan) about PainBomb and last time I talked to him he had ordered a quantity for clinic. Thanks so much for making PainBomb available Karen, it really is awesome!. One other thing I stress to all who use PainBomb is to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food. Your product works best when we are at optimum good health IMO and I will keep spreading the word. 
 Mama and family in Philippines asked me to thank you next time I contacted you. PainBomb has bought tremendous relief of Mama`s arthritis. Salamat! Thanks again Karen...I will be trying your new product very soon. You are helping so many people with your with natural, affordable, and EFFECTIVE products. 
 We are all greatful!

I use PainBomb for muscle strains from working out, and arthritic finger joints. The redness has been the first to diminish, and the swelling is going away more gradually in my finger joints. A client of mine with damaged cartilage in her knee walked out of an energy session that I did with her, with no pain whatsoever! She went on to buy some PainBomb for home use.
Lyn M. ~ Apopka, FL

You are not going to believe this, well, YOU probably are, but anyway, I was just moving some wood & was using my forearms to carry it.  Well, my right wrist began itching really bad & the area was all puffed up in a rash.  I immediately rinsed it off & applied your PainBomb.  In not even a minute the itching & the redness went away.  It hasn't even been a full 5 minutes yet & the welt is barely visible!
I also put it on a cut hangnail & then didn't notice it until it got caught on something & opened back up again.  Also, when I had a bad razor burn, the pain was gone in about an hour & most of the redness, which is a big thing because when I have razor burn it takes half the day for the pain & redness to go away.  It is a good product!
When my nephew was bitten by an ant, I rubbed a bunch on the bite area & a few minutes later I asked him how the bite was, he asked, "What bite, uncle?"  I said, "Your ant bite, knucklehead!", & he said, "I forgot!!!"
I think though, that the most beneficial thing that has happened to me is putting it on my torn rotator cuffs.  Twice a day, & sometimes in between has allowed my injuries to make DRASTIC IMPROVEMENTS!!  You & my karate instructor, Ron, are testimonials to that.  He kept saying that I was so "Robotic" & "Stiff" at karate, & you both have noticed that I'm a lot looser now!!!
Larry ~ Jemez Springs, NM

I earned my AOS in Therapeutic Massage in April of 2006, graduating with a 3.8 GPA and tested high in the NCBTMB National Certification. I learned in my 2 years of schooling, not only the healing benefits of massage, but also the healing properties of plants and its essential oils. Pain Bomb is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone that is in pain or has almost any type of injury or trauma. I have used it in various situations.
For example; I was moving some boxes from a truck to my house, and didn’t realize the rise in the sidewalk. I would like to think I’m graceful, but am hopelessly uncoordinated. Needless to say, yes, I tripped on the rise in the sidewalk, flew to the ground and landed on my right hand, hyper-extending my thumb backwards. The swelling, pain and bruise were instant. I got up, went in the house and automatically applied Pain Bomb. Within seconds the pain was gone, the swelling reduced within a couple of hours, and the next morning there was no bruise to be seen.
Another situation occurred when I was in school. I was enjoying the sunlight and reading my Chinese Medicine book by the shore of the lake. I noticed to my left someone sleeping on the ground about 200 feet from where I was near the tree line. At the time I thought he was just a guy who had a lot of fun the night before and was sleeping it off. I thought to myself I should just leave him alone. After a while I looked again, the gentleman had not moved. I put my book down, walked over to the gentleman and realized his breathing was labored; he was foaming at the mouth and did not respond to any voice commands, or pain stimuli. I called 911 advised them of my location. Meanwhile I turned him on his side, and placed myself in an odd position while I waited over 30 minutes for the ambulance personnel to arrive, while in the same position. The position had put a 3rd degree strain on my Hamstring muscles. I tried Swedish massage, physical therapy, nothing seemed to work. Four months later, I went to Austin for a visit, my sister told me about Pain Bomb and after 5 applications, along with deep tissue massage, I was able to walk without a limp.
I have also used Pain Bomb on my German Shepherd, Harley. When Harley gets a little playful with his younger counterparts, his hip begins to hurt. I apply Pain Bomb to his hips and work it in. He is always better within the next few hours.
As I said before, Pain Bomb is an excellent product, which uses only high grade essential oils and other high grade ingredients. I would suggest it to anyone that has any type of muscle or tendon injury/trauma, either acute or chronic, or almost any type of pain.  I use it often in my massage and healing work, with great results.  In my experience I have found that is safe for humans as well as animals.         
Shannan ~ Cuba, NM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Your product is like a "miracle" drug. It has relieved bursitis better than anything I have tried including cortisone and prednisone. I am recommending that everyone I know that suffers from arthritis and bursitis, try it.  I've already ordered 3 more!
Paul ~ Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I wanted to thank you for the jar of PainBomb.  My daughter Andrea started using it right away as she was having some foot pain and was unable to get to sleep.  (She is a nurse so is on her feet several hours a day…...)  She was able to sleep the night thru as this took away the pain.  I ordered a couple more jars this morning to have on hand.  I also used it for a rash I had on my wrist and it took care of this with just 3 days of applying the salve twice a day.  GOOD STUFF!!!!!!
Also, I should mention I had lunch with Barb last Friday and was telling here about PainBomb and she asked that I share the link with her.  Barb has Arthritis in her hands and bunions on her feet so I thought this would help with the pain she’s in because of these.  I sent the link on to her this morning. 
Betty ~ White Bear Lake, MN
Just wanted to share a posting my daughter, Andrea, put on her face book page this past Sunday.
‎...after working a double today, I'm applying painbomb to my right foot! This stuff is down right awesome!!!
I had dinner with Barb last evening and asked her if she had gotten her order yet and she said “yes” and it is really helping with the arthritis pain.
Isn’t it “funny” how a little bit of this helps so very much!
Betty ~ White Bear Lake, MN

I'm an extremely active senior who ends up with pain in some of my joints. When this happens, I coat myself with PainBomb, esp. before bedtime, and it helps relieve the discomfort. Also, if I have sinus issues, I rub it on my face. It works well.
Elizabeth ~ Marietta, GA


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