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Therapeutic Properties, & Info On Our Cannabidiol Oil

XYLITOL:  Xylitol is recommended by dentists, medical doctors, periodontists, pediatricians, & many health organizations & health professionals worldwide as a sweetener for anyone concerned with dental health, upper respiratory health, & sugar consumption, in general. Pure xylitol is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits & vegetables & is produced in small amounts by the human body. It has the same sweetness as sugar but with 40% fewer calories, with none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects of sugar. Xylitol also has a low glycemic index of "7" & has little effect on blood sugar levels.

Important Note From www.YourDogAdvisor.COM: XYLITOL IS TOXIC TO DOGS


1. Helps Prevent Cavities: As xylitol is a non-fermentable sugar, it can't be converted to acid by oral bacteria. Thus, the alkaline-acid balance in the mouth is maintained, which helps in preventing cavities.
2. Helps Tooth Enamel & Strength: Helps decrease plaque formulation & promotes salivation to prevent “dry mouth”, which aids in enhancing mineral absorption for repairing damaged tooth enamel, while increasing tooth strength.
3. Safe For Diabetics: Unlike sugar, xylitol is not easily converted to fat, & as such, it has almost no effect on insulin levels, making it a safe sugar alternative for diabetics, pregnant/nursing women, dieters, body builders, & also babies & children.
4. May Slow the Growth of Cancer:  Xylitol helps prevent bad breath, ulcers, and stomach and oral cancers by slowing down the growth of Candida Albicans (a serious yeast infection which occurs in both men & women). Also curbs other harmful bacteria like H. pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.
5. Helps Prevent Ear Infections: Xylitol prohibits certain bacterial growth to help prevent ear infections in young children. It will also help clear out earwax and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the pharyngotympanic tubes, connecting the nose and ear.
6. May Improve Bone Density: Xylitol was shown in studies to help improve bone density, indicating it may be a successful treatment for osteoporosis.
7. Increases White Blood Cell Activity: Taken in small amounts, xylitol can help increase the white blood cell activity in fighting bacterial infections, building immunity to protect against chronic degenerative disease. Also possesses anti-aging benefits.
8. Prevents Streptococcus Mutans In Newborns: When used by nursing mothers on a regular basis, it helps reduce the transmission of Streptococcus mutans (oral bacteria that causes cavities) to children by up to 80% during the first two years.
9. May Help With Allergies & Sinus Infections: When used as a nasal spray, xylitol may reduce the prevalence of sinus infections, asthma & allergies. It helps decrease the amount of harmful bacteria that may be in the cells of our nose.
10. May Lower Risk of Ovarian Cysts: Studies show a decreased risk of developing ovarian cysts & polycystic ovarian syndrome (a condition that disrupts or stops the ovulation cycle). Also may help decrease fibroids, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome & possibly breast cancer.
Credit to Author: Dr. Edward Group, additional links by DBZ

YUCCA:   Yucca has been used for hundreds of years by Southwestern Native Americans for pain & inflammation caused by arthritis & rheumatism. It is known to reduce joint inflammation & successfully treats allergies while strengthening the immune system. In studies, 60 percent of people who took yucca supplements experienced diminished pain, swelling, & stiffness. There were no side-effects. Further, those who took the yucca extract supplement had lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels, & relief from intestinal toxicity. (Journal of Applied Nutrition,Vol.27, No.2 & 3)  "Sterodial saponins also may break down the high molecular fats in foods.  Absorption of those fats contributes to high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, hypertriglyceridemia, & hypercholesterolemia. One of the study's most significant findings was that no patient taking saponin extract for 6 months or more continued to show an abnormally high blood pressure or excessive blood triglyceride & cholesterol levels. In other words, there were permanent health benefits." (Dr. Robert Bingham, Arthritis News Today, Vol 2, No 6) Scientists are now looking at how yucca can help humans fight fungal infections, combat microbes & viruses, boost the effectiveness of certain vaccines, & knock out some kinds of tumor cells, particularly lung & blood cancers.

MINERALS, FULVIC IONIC TRACE:   By acting as a powerful antioxidant, minerals aid in the body's absorption & use of vitamins & its ability to remove toxins. The benefits of adding minerals to the diet are:  increased energy & sense of well-being, more restful sleep, reduced arthritis pain, improved circulation, improved growth & appearance of hair, nails & skin.

IMMUNE-BOOSTING ESSENTIAL OILS, TERPENE RICH (SEE CHART BELOW):   Increasingly, germs, bacteria & respiratory viruses that surround us have never been stronger or more antibiotic-resistant. Documented research indicates that most viruses, fungi, & bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils. Dat's Good CBD Splash is flavored with powerful, germ-killing essential oils, which are gentle yet powerful elements in the battle against bacteria, fungi, & viruses year-round.  The New England Journal of Medicine (04/07/2005) cites the growing prevalence of MRSA in cities across the U.S., some of the infections have been associated with flesh eating bacteria syndrome, also known as necrotizing fasciitis.  Essential oils have been proven effective in treating these bacterial killers, as well as E Coli & the bacteria responsible for deadly pneumonia.  Multiple studies have also proven their efficacy against viruses of all types to date, including "superviruses", which are new strains that have grown resistant to pharmaceutical poisons.

CEYLON CINNAMON OIL:  The Blood Sugar Balancer & More: 

     Terpenes:  Linalool, Carophyllene

  • Has the ability to control blood sugar & aids diabetics in using less insulin, particularly very helpful for patients suffering from type2 diabetes.
  • Studies have shown that cinnamon has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Prevents formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract or facilitates the removal of gas from the stomach and intestines.
  • Also removes acidity, diarrhea and morning sickness & is often referred to as a digestive tonic.
  • Anti inflammatory & helps relieve pain and stiffness of muscle and joints. Recommended for arthritis.
  • Helps in removing headache caused by cold.
  • Boosts activity of the brain, helps remove nervous tension & memory loss, & helps improve cognitive function.
  • Active against Candida albicans - the fungus that causes yeast infections & thrush, & Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers.
  • Aids in removing blood impurities & aids in the circulation of blood, due to the presence of coumarin, a natural blood-thinning compound. Increased circulation helps significantly in removing pain & ensures oxygen supply to the body cells leading to higher metabolic activity.
  • Consuming cinnamon significantly reduces the chance of heart attack.
  • Those on medication that affects blood glucose or insulin levels should be aware that consuming cinnamon may lower blood glucose levels.  Regularly check those levels & consult your healthcare professional to adjust medications if warranted.

LEMON OIL:  Immune Builder, Blood Purifier, Disease & Bacteria Fighter

    Terpenes:  Limonene, Pinene, Terpinene

  • Has the ability to treat stress disorders, fever, infections, asthma, obesity, insomnia, skin disorders, hair conditions, stomach problems and tiredness.
  • Studies have shown lemon oil to be effective against infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis and fever.
  • A stimulant for immune and nervous system, lemon oil is also a tonic for the gallbladder, liver, pancreas and circulatory system.
  • Respiratory infections like bronchitis, coughs and sore throat even flu are treated with lemon oil.
  • Lemon oil has antiseptic properties, and helps speed recovery from wounds and infections.
  • Used to treat upset stomach, indigestion, cramps, and acidity, and is also beneficial in preventing the formulation of gas in the intestines.
  • Because lemon oil contains high amounts of vitamins C, B and A, it’s a great booster for the immune system. It stimulates white blood cells, and assists in the purification of the blood and lymphatic system, which help the body to fight off disease
  • Inhaling the aroma of lemons can clear the nasal passages and sinuses, promoting good air flow and steady breathing, and it also helps increase concentration and alertness.
  • Calming in nature, lemon oil helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness and nervous tension. It refreshes the mind by creating a positive mindset and removing negative emotions.
  • Lemon can oil provide relief from sleeplessness, and sleep is the most important element for healing. 

TANGERINE OIL:  The Calming Antidepressant  & Antibacterial Stomach Tuner

    Terpenes:  alpha pinene, alpha thujone, beta pinene, camphene, citronellal, gamma terpinolene, geranial, limonene, linalool, myrcene, nerol, sabinene & terpineol


Percentage of Actual CBD:  There are 1,000 milligrams in each gram of volume measurement, so when you see 76.7% CBD, or 22% CBD, the higher percentage is the most desirable, the actual CBD cannabinoid is as high as 767mg per gram, vs. 220mg per gram.  DO NO GO WITH AN ISOLATE, its clinical use is limited, but CBD isolates are primarily what are found in products on the market today.  When you see anything over 95% CBD, that is an isolate. In Cannabidiol oil, there are any number of natural components, which can include hemp oil and chlorophyll, and any number of cannabinoids, including CBD (Cannabidiol), CBC (Cannabichromene), CBG (Cannabigerol) THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), etc.  All of these cannabinoids serve a function, for instance, CBG aids sleep and inhibits cancer cell growth, and CBC promotes bone growth and reduces inflammation.  So, when comparing different CBD percentages, what you're looking for is a high CBD content with a low THC content.

It is not intended for this page to offer medical advice or to recommend avoidance of medical professionals.  It is merely intended to provide information & a superior product to those who suffer from pain, in one or many of its forms, and are seeking alternative or complementary treatment ideas using herbs and other natural substances.  This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease & not all of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally-occurring constituent of the industrial hemp plant and hemp oil. All of the cannabinoids in our products, including our CBD, are natural constituents of industrial hemp and hemp oil. PainBomb and Death-Breath Zero do not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).  PainBomb does sell and distribute IMPORTED FROM HOLLAND industrial hemp-based products that are guaranteed to be either THC free or within the allowable amount for legal importation (*.03% or less THC). 

"Dat's Good!" CBD Splash, Mineral & Xylitol-Based CBD Tinctures

Using the base ingredients of Death-Breath Zero Mouthwash Supplement (excepting the base essential oils), this terpene rich formula can actually protect and benefit teeth, unlike glycerin-based CBD tinctures that dominate the market.  According to some reports, glycerin can actually prevent teeth from normal remineralization.  Olive oil-based formulas can leave a coating on the teeth, which is sometimes unpleasant.  Xylitol makes this CBD splash ideal for nighttime use, because as everyone knows, CBD helps to promote restful sleep, which is when we do our best healing.  Yucca helps to balance the gastrointestinal system, and fulvic minerals aid in the body's use of vitamins and it's ability to remove toxins.  For more info on ingredients and our cannabidiol oil, scroll down.  Each 1 Oz. bottle contains approximately 591 drops, and approximately 451mg of actual cannabidiol oil.  The approximate amount of actual CBD per bottle is 163mg.

All are flavored with organic essential oils, Terpene Rich!  $52 each.